Meet the Smartest Pre-Roll Machine in the World

Automatically weigh, fill, pack & twist up to 2,000 pre-rolled cones per hour to increase production capacity without THE OVERHEAD COSTS

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Stop giving away margin by filling pre-rolls by hand or investing in expensive machinery

Introducing Production as a Service

The PRO (Pre-Roll Operator) is the first Production as a Service (“PaaS”) pre-roll filling machine. We provide the pre roll machine,  maintenance, and scale for “no” upfront costs and charge on a per unit produced basis that declines based on production — “a plug, play and prosper solution."

- No upfront costs with Pay as you Produce as low as .08 per pre roll
- Share pre roll manufacturing machines across multiple locations with 1 contract 
- No maintenance costs & free upgrades for optimal pre roll manufacturing output

Quality that Scales

The high performance Accelerant PRO automated pre roll filling machine chosen by the cannabis industry’s leading operators.

- Easy to load cone magazine adapts to cones 70mm to 140mm from brands like RAW, Futurola, Hara and more
- Weigh filling system accurate to .01g 
- Compacting station produces pre rolled cones with uniform density
- Twisting station creates consistent pre roll cone shape
- Modular system produces 500 to 2,000 pre-rolled cones per hour

An overhead snapshot of the PRO pre roll machine with 1 group set containing cone magazine, cannabis feeder, weight & compacting station and twisting station.
The PRO's pre-roll machine operating system and dashboard for monitoring commercial pre-roll production, machine efficiency and business intelligence.

Intelligence to Maximize Production

The PRO uses onboard sensors, cameras and business intelligence to maximize production capacity & efficiency making it the smartest pre-roll machine on the market.

- Intelligent alarm system with 'no cone - no fill' detection 
- Pre roll production reporting and environmental monitoring
- Visual remote access of the machine with integrated camera
- Onsite installation and training over pre roll manufacturing best practices

How it Rolls

Why Accelerant Manufacturing?

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Dollar sign representing No Capital Expenditure or Costs when partnering with Accelerant Manufacturing.

No upfront costs

Pay as you Produce model creates an ideal opportunity to grow pre-roll revenue without CAPEX.

Document symbol for flexible contracts

Flexible contracts

Multi-state operators can share pre roll machines across multiple facilities using one contract.

A graph representing the PRO's business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

Superior insights

See all of your pre-roll cone production data in real time and act on it using our intelligent alerts powered by machine learning.

A wrench icon representing no maintenance costs.

Maintenance free

Besides, basic cleaning, Accelerant maintains & monitors all pre roll machine parts.

Learn how the PRO can grow your pre-roll business

Using cannabis automation and business intelligence to increase pre roll production capacity while decreasing operating costs to maximize your pre-roll profits.

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Don’t take our word for it ...

See what customers are saying about pre-rolled cones rolled by the Accelerant PRO

“I did not have any problems with canoeing or burning too fast or slow. I was very surprised at how perfectly it burned and created that very light almost white ash showing the entire plant material was being burned vs some pre-rolls where the paper burns too quickly before all the flower is consumed leaving a darker almost blackish ash.”
Washington, DC
“I would rate the overall quality slightly higher than the Garlic Wizard preroll I purchased. Overall I am very impressed with the quality of the preroll I received.No complaints at all about how it hit or harshness.”
Baltimore, MD

You probably have some questions

What's Production as a Service?
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The PRO produces pre-rolled cones with no investment and our customers pay us based on a declining per unit basis. Customers benefit from immediate scale, capacity and income with no CAPEX.

What kind of papers work with the PRO?
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The PRO supports most major cones. We work with multiple suppliers and can assist in sourcing papers to support your pre-roll business.

Can I adjust the cone size?
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We provide change parts for 84mm, 109mm and 140 mm pre-roll cones. If you need a different size, let us know during the consultation call.

Does the machine monitor for errors?
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Yes, our contract includes a percentage credit for errors. The PRO manufactures consistent pre-rolled cones if the environmental factors defined by Accelerant Manufacturing are met.

What kind of reporting is available?
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We provide utilization of the pre roll cone filling machine in addition to other data points from a number of sensors monitoring each station in the pre roll manufacturing process.

How much space does the PRO pre-roll machine need?
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The PRO's footprint takes up approximately 120 square feet. We recommend allotting 160 square feet to ensure enough room to access all sides.

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