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Whether you’re scaling up or just starting out, PRO (Pre-Roll Operator) unlocks more capacity, greater product consistency, and smarter business intelligence to take you where you want to go. Every machine is assembled in the USA.

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Accelerant PRO - Automated Pre-Roll Machine that produces up to 2,000 pre-rolls per hour for No CapEx
Meet the Pro

Scalable PreRoll Production

Increase production capacity while decreasing operating costs to maximize preroll profits


Scale for Free

We designed PRO with the hope that operators would outgrow it. When you need to up your capacity, we’ll add extra modules and frames to produce up to 2,000 pre-rolls per hour at no additional cost to you.

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Engaging & personalized content

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Engaging & personalized content


Infinitely Adjustable

Weight and consistency are nitpicky necessities. We designed PRO with 30,000 positions per motor so you can clone your rolls at a superior pace without sacrificing quality.

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Robotic arm cone loader adapts to cones 78mm to 140mm from brands like RAW, Futurola, Hara, and more.


Weigh-filling system accurate to .01g


Compacting station produces pre-rolled cones with uniform density then twisted for consistent pre-roll cone shape

Business INtelligence

Big Data for All Sizes

Actionable insights lead to better business decisions. PRO uses onboard sensors, cameras, and an IoT-connected business intelligence suite to see the whole picture and maximize efficiency, making it the smartest automated pre-roll machine in the world.


Intelligent alarm system with 'no cone - no fill' detection

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IoT Connected

Production reporting and environmental monitoring

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Visual remote access of the machine with integrated camera

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Frequent Questions

What is Production as a Service?

The PRO produces pre-rolled cones with no investment and our customers pay us based on a declining per unit basis. Customers benefit from immediate scale, capacity and income with no CAPEX.

What kind of papers work with the PRO?

The PRO supports most major cone manufacturers such as Hara Supply, RAW, Elements, JWare, Custom Cones USA and Futurola. We work with multiple suppliers and can assist in sourcing papers to support your pre-roll business.

Can I adjust the cone size?

We provide change parts for 78mm, 84mm, 98mm, 109mm, 120mm and 140 mm pre-roll cones. If you need a different size, let us know during the consultation call.

Does the machine monitor for errors?

Yes, our contract includes a percentage credit for errors. The PRO manufactures consistent pre-rolled cones if the environmental factors defined by Accelerant Manufacturing are met.

What kind of reporting is available?

We provide utilization of the pre roll cone filling machine in addition to other data points from a number of sensors monitoring each station in the pre roll manufacturing process.

How much space does the PRO pre-roll machine need?

The PRO's footprint takes up approximately 120 square feet. We recommend allotting 160 square feet to ensure enough room to access all sides.


Confident Operators Choose Accelerant

Talk to an automation expert about scaling your pre-roll production today.

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Up to 2,000 pre-rolls per hour

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Weight based filling

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No upfront costs