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What Do Consumers Look for in a Pre-Roll?

What Do Consumers Look for in a Pre-Roll?

That’s why pre-roll sales have skyrocketed recently. Many producers use a preroll machine to keep up with demand, and an automated preroll machine can make up to 3,000 pre-rolls per hour.

Jacob Dooley
July 19, 2022

More states in the United States and more countries worldwide are legalizing cannabis. As a result, the cannabis industry is booming worldwide. As the market constantly evolves, customers are changing their preferences on how they consume cannabis. Retailers and dispensary buyers must stay up-to-date. 

For example, many smokers prefer a pre-roll joint because it’s easy to use, offers an excellent high, and often comes in superb packaging. That’s why pre-roll sales have skyrocketed recently. Many producers use a preroll machine to keep up with demand, and an automated preroll machine can make up to 3,000 pre-rolls per hour. 

Overview of Consumption Methods

There are four primary consumption methods of cannabis: oral, inhalation, topical, and sublingual. Each method has benefits and disadvantages. However, inhalation is the most popular method because the effects are almost instantaneous. 

With a pre-roll, the smoker only needs to light the blunt and you can begin smoking. It’s the perfect way to inhale cannabis. 

The 3 Most Important Preroll Characteristics

1. Price

Price is the most important factor for customers. The BSDA found that 27% of their responders said price is critical. Of course, cannabis still has to be high-quality despite the affordable price. 

The cheapest pre-rolls are in California. However, Washington has the most expensive pre-roll joints in the United States. 

2. Quality

After price, quality is the second most critical factor for customers when looking for a pre-roll joint. There’s no point buying an affordable pre-roll that tastes bad and produces minimal side effects. 

Many brands use pre-rolls to remove any low-quality flowers from their joints. As a result, many customers choose pre-roll joints for the guaranteed high quality and consistent grind size. A popular brand is Dogwalker prerolls because they offer supreme quality.

3. Type

The third most important factor for customers is the flowers within the pre-rolled joint. The most popular flowers are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. The different plant varieties offer varied health benefits and highs. 

However, the cannabis industry will likely sell other cannabinoids and terpene profiles as time goes on. 

Full Flower vs. Infused

One of the most important decisions smokers have to make is a full flower prerolls or infused prerolls. However, smokers love both options equally. However, Headset found that 7 out of ten of California’s best-selling joints are infused. So overall, customers prefer infused prerolls over full flower joints. Infused prerolls were only recently made legal in Canada. Therefore, we’ll likely witness growth in infused pre-rolled joints nationwide. However, Canadians currently prefer full flower prerolls. 

So what are infused prerolls? An infused preroll joint is a pre-made weed joint with hash added to it. You can find the cannabis extract on the inside or outside of the joint. The weed concentrate can be wax or bubble hash. In addition, infused prerolls can be small or large because they’re popular in the United States. 

Types of preroll paper 

Smokers love high-quality pre-roll paper, but there are many options. The preferred choice for many smokers is 100% organic hemp paper. However, refined white paper and unrefined brown paper are also common for smokers. 

Hemp—which many people say is the sister of cannabis—has excellent fibers for pre-rolled joints. That’s because hemp papers are sturdier and thinner than other plant papers, which makes them easier to roll joints with. In addition, hemp plants are less genetically modified compared with other plants, making them the preferred option for health enthusiasts. 

Another option is refined white paper. Many people in the cannabis industry refer to it as rice paper. The white paper offers a tasteless and clean smoking experience. Unrefined brown paper is an unrefined version of white paper. Many all-natural brands use unrefined brown paper to maintain a holistic, natural vibe. 

Blunts vs Joints

One of the most significant choices for all smokers is choosing either blunts and joints. Blunts have an unclear history. Some smokers believe blunts became popular in the Caribbean and spread to the United States because there weren’t other options. 

In 1988, the blunt entered rap culture in Big Daddy Kane’s song Raw. Most smokers enjoy tendu leaf blunts, botanical blunts, or hemp wrap blunts. Blunts are more popular than joints in the United States. 

PreRoll Finishes 

There are various finishes on pre-rolled joints. Here are some of the most popular options:

1. Crown 

Pre-roll joints with a crown finish are very popular. Crowning a pre-roll joint eliminates the extra paper on the tip and saves time on the first spark. 

2. Twist

Some other smokers prefer a twist finish to their pre-rolls. A twist is a good option if you’re carrying your joints around and not smoking them straight away. 

3. Flag

Another popular option on a pre-roll finish is a flag. For example, many Americans love having the United States flag on their pre-roll joints. 

Single Pre-Rolls vs Multipacks 

Some customers prefer single pre-rolls over multipacks. The most popular option are the cork-topped glass tubes; they provide a luxurious feel. However, most producers use a plastic pop-top tube instead of a glass one. 

Although the glass tube with a cork top is the most popular option—due to its gorgeous aesthetic appearance—many markets require child-resistant pre-roll packaging in their regulations. As a result, some producers stay away from glass altogether. 

In contrast, other smokers prefer multipacks over single pre-rolls. You can find excellent deals on multipacks because you’re buying in-bulk. You can even store multipacks in snap packs, push packs, and pop-top doob tubes. Slider tins are also a popular option. 

If you’re looking for something convenient for your multipacks, multi-pack doob tubes are an excellent option because they’re convenient and perfect for an on-the-go smoking session. You don’t have to worry about breaking the glass if you’re traveling. A quality preroll pack is essential if customers want multipacks. 


As the cannabis industry grows, customers are changing their preferences. With that said, most stoners are happy to stick with the classics if they are high-quality, affordable, and have their preferred flower.

Therefore, retailers and dispensary buyers should always follow the latest trends and customer preferences. Customers will always look for an excellent price, high THC levels, excellent flower quality, and superb packaging. If brands ensure they deliver on these, customers will always enjoy their pre-rolls. 

Jacob Dooley

Jacob is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Accelerant. He's an avid skier but lives in Chicago, IL. When he's not conducting pre-roll market research, he enjoys exploring the Chicago food scene with his girlfriend and their dog, George.

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