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Why You Should be Selling Infused Pre-Rolls

Why You Should be Selling Infused Pre-Rolls

Selling infused pre-rolls can greatly boost overall profitability and customer satisfaction. In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of adding these products to your inventory. Keep reading to learn all about infused pre-rolls and how Accelerant’s Automate Pre-Roll Machine can help you!

Jacob Dooley
September 27, 2021

Pre-rolls have become all the rage in the cannabis industry. These ready-to-go joints offer customers an ideally convenient smoking experience. As interest in pre-rolls has grown, so have efforts to create new and more valuable products. 

Enter infused pre-rolls – joints infused with various cannabis byproducts. This can include everything from kief and live resin to THC distillate. Joint infusion is difficult to achieve at home, making these products highly sought-after. 

Selling infused pre-rolls can greatly boost overall profitability and customer satisfaction. In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of adding these products to your inventory.  Keep reading to learn all about infused pre-rolls and how Accelerant’s Automate Pre-Roll Machine can help you!

The Growth of Infused Pre-Rolls in the Cannabis Market

The production and sale of infused pre-rolls is still a relatively new concept. Despite this, these types of pre-rolls have proven to have enormous potential. 

Custom Cones USA recently released the Cannabis Pre-Roll Industry Insights: 2021 Edition. Published in partnership with Headset, this report surveyed over 130 pre-roll companies. The survey found that sales of infused pre-rolls grew from 12.7 percent in 2018 to 31.9 percent in 2021. That's more than 100 percent growth in less than five years!

The popularity of the infused pre-rolls segment will only continue to increase. Customers want more bang for their buck, and infused pre-rolls offer exactly that. Headset even named this segment as the one to watch within the industry in the coming years. 

Benefits of Infused Pre-Rolls

There are many reasons to love infused pre-rolls, as they are beneficial to both the customer and the seller. By offering these products, you can enhance your shop with a pre-roll that is sure to delight guests. 

Here are 3 key benefits of selling infused pre-rolls:

  • Higher THC Levels: Infused pre-rolls add a cannabis concentrate into the flower. Types of concentrates can vary, but they always offer a higher and more potent level of THC. As a result, customers receive much stronger products.
  • Wider Variety of Cannabinoids: Cannabinoids are compounds secreted from flower. THC and CBD are the most widely recognized cannabinoids. However, there are actually hundreds of different ones. Infused pre-rolls are customizable in terms of which concentrates are added. This provides customers with a much wider variety of cannabinoids to choose from.
  • Improved Cost Value: The beauty of concentrates is small amounts produce powerful effects. Cannabis companies can offer infused pre-rolls at an affordable price without sacrificing profit. Likewise, customers won't break the bank when splurging on stronger products.

How to Make Infused Pre-Rolls

There are several different options when it comes to crafting an infused pre-roll. The wide variety in choice is – in fact – one of the main draws of these pre-rolls to customers. It allows for a more personal smoking experience according to their own preferences. 

Here are 3 ways to make an awesome infused pre-roll: 

Kief Dusting

Kief dusting is a process in which powdered kief is applied to the outside of a joint. The highly potent concentrate can also be added inside the paper, on top of the flower. 

To achieve a kief-dusted pre-roll, a sticky hash oil must be added to the exterior paper of the joint. This is typically done once the joint is already rolled to prevent any messy mishaps. The oil-coated joint is then dusted with kief, creating a fuzzy appearance. 

Live Resin

Live Resin is a cannabis concentrate that produces a substance similar to a wax. Unlike waxes, however, Live Resin is derived from flower that has not been cured or dried. This freshness provides the concentrate with a more robust terpene and flavor profile. 

The trick to evenly applying Live Resin within a pre-roll is to use a syringe. The syringe is warmed beforehand, allowing a steady and even stream of soft resin to be squeezed out. Oftentimes, a final squeeze will be added to the exterior of the joint for some added visual appeal.  

THC Distillate 

THC Distillate is one of the most powerful cannabis concentrates currently available. It is most commonly sold as an oil and also serves as a base ingredient in edibles and vapes carts. Distillates allow for cannabinoids to be separated, creating highly specific and potent products. 

Like Live Resin, THC Distillate will usually come in a syringe-like apparatus. It can then be injected directly within the joint onto the flower or used to coat the outside. Not only will this make a super-strong joint, but it can also cut back on the amount of flower needed to make pre-rolls. 

Craft Perfect Pre-Rolls with Accelerant’s Automated Pre-Roll Machine

As demand for infused pre-rolls grows, simplifying your rolling process is key. At Accelerant, we offer our customers the ideal equipment to create perfect pre-rolls.

Our Automated Pre-Roll Machine helps you scale production capacity and reduce labor costs. With this machine, you can automatically weigh, fill, pack, and twist up to 2,000 cones per hour. 

Plus, Accelerant will provide you with the necessary maintenance as well. There are no upfront costs and our rates are determined on a per-unit basis. These rates also decline based on production!

What are the Leading Infused Pre-Rolls?

The cannabis industry is becoming increasingly innovative. As such, many fantastic brands are finding enormous success with infused pre-rolls. 

Here are 3 examples of companies leading the infused pre-roll trend: 

  1. Sublime Fuzzies: This brand uses Live Resin, Distillate, and Kief to infuse their pre-rolls. Sublime Fuzzies offer their patrons a powerful potency through advanced manufacturing. Using a scientific approach, they reintroduce full-spectrum terpenes into their products. This produces a better flavor and a stronger effect. 
  2. Hellavated Infused Pre-Rolls by Avitas: Hellavated Infused Pre-Rolls use Distillate and Kief to enhance their joints. These creative products come in a wide variety of flavors including Blueberry Dream, Cherry Pie, Mango Dragon, and more. 
  3. Juicy Joints: Juicy Joints infuse their pre-rolls with 90% THC Distillate and Kief. This company uses 100% flower in their pre-rolls. They offer many premium flavors such as Black Cherry, Strawberry Sherbet, and Sour Seattleberry.

Final Thoughts

Infused pre-rolls are taking the cannabis industry by storm – and for good reason! These joints offer a much greater level of potency and can be customized according to specific cannabinoids. 

To get in on the wave of continued growth and popularity, cannabis companies need to get these pre-rolls on their shelves as soon as possible. 

If you are ready to take your pre-roll sales to the next level, Accelerant is here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our pre-roll machine and production services. Our expert team looks forward to hearing from you!

Jacob Dooley

Jacob is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Accelerant. He's an avid skier but lives in Chicago, IL. When he's not conducting pre-roll market research, he enjoys exploring the Chicago food scene with his girlfriend and their dog, George.

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