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Why Are Dogwalkers (or Mini Pre-Rolls) Trending?

Why Are Dogwalkers (or Mini Pre-Rolls) Trending?

Dogwalkers, also known as miniature pre-rolled joints, have taken the cannabis industry by storm. Something about the accessibility and convenience of dogwalkers meshes nicely with the new lifestyle so many of us have had to acclimate to due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jacob Dooley
September 27, 2021

Dogwalkers, also known as miniature pre-rolled joints, have taken the cannabis industry by storm. Something about the accessibility and convenience of dogwalkers meshes nicely with the new lifestyle so many of us have had to acclimate to due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you stumbled upon this page looking for a dog walker to hire, but have decided to stay to read more about mini pre-rolls, then keep on reading.

The Dog Walker Mini-Pre Rolled Joint

Back in 2016, the Dogwalker brand introduced miniature pre-rolled joints to the cannabis industry. Their idea was to create a joint that could be enjoyed in the time that it took to walk the dog.

The mini pre-rolls from Dogwalker became so popular, that copycat versions quickly began making their way into the market as well. Full sized pre-rolled joints were rapidly being replaced by a new trend.

The term “dogwalker”, then, became synonymous with any and all mini-pre rolled joints, regardless of who rolled them.

Why Are Dogwalkers So Popular?

At the time, Dogwalkers became incredibly popular for a couple of reasons. Nowadays, however, their resurgence in the cannabis industry can be explained by the new lifestyle we’ve all been forced to live.

Dog walkers are the ideal product for the occasional smoker. Especially ones who own dogs. Instead of weighing in at 0.7 to 1.0 grams, mini pre-rolls like Dogwalkers come in around 0.25 to 0.35 grams.

The smaller size provided the ideal potency and smoking experience for folks who normally would not finish a typical 1.0 gram sized pre-rolled joint.

Nowadays, the COVID-19 pandemic has made Dogwalkers popular again. The unfortunate reality is that many cannabis smokers are now enjoying their joints alone.

With social distancing mandates, and a general concern for public health and safety,  the communal experience of sharing a joint amongst friends has become stigmatized.

Smokers who are used to sharing no longer require full-sized joints. They take too long to smoke, and are too potent. Dogwalkers on the other hand are the perfect compromise.

Plus if you do want to smoke with friends, it’s much safer for everyone to enjoy their own mini-pre roll.

The Economics Behind Mini Pre-Rolled Joints

Economics has a lot to say when it comes to the rising popularity in miniature pre-rolls. For one, the wholesale price of marijuana has decreased. This made the production of pre-rolled joints more affordable.

According to Cannabis Benchmarks, in 2015, the price per pound was around $2,000. In 2018, the price dropped towards $1,300. In 2020, the wholesale price per pound began to rise again, hitting $1,600. Now, medical marijuana costs about $1,800 per pound.

Another reason why mini pre-rolls have started to make a lot of sense for cannabis companies economically speaking, has to do with packaging. With the rise of mini pre-rolls, companies have begun to sell multipacks instead of individual pre-rolled joints.

Multipacks normally consist of 10 to 12 mini pre rolled cones in a neat and attractive metal tin or slider box.

Multipacks have allowed companies to spread their packaging costs across multiple units, effectively spending less money.  

The dropping prices of marijuana, and packing required for retail sales, coupled with the rise of automation in the cannabis industry, has encouraged another boom in the pre-rolled cone market.

The Importance of Cannabis Automation Equipment

The labor force required to satisfy the growing needs of the Dogwalker market is massive. From harvesting, trimming, grinding and sifting, all the way to rolling, the process for making pre-rolled joints is extensive.

Because of the labor power required, and the dropping prices of marijuana, automation in the cannabis industry has been harnessed to enhance efficiency.  

There are many types of automated cannabis equipment designed to make the process of preparing cannabis easier. There are industrial grinders, commercial sifting machines and joint rolling machines that pack and twist pre-rolled cones.

With the demand for mini pre-rolls increasing, the necessity for cannabis companies to switch from man power to automated equipment has allowed them to capitalize on the decreasing prices for marijuana, and to serve more customers.

The Smartest Pre-Roll Machine in the World

Unfortunately, the automated cannabis equipment that many companies require costs a fortune. They have to produce an incredible amount of mini-joints to make the investment worth it. And sometimes, the investment in equipment does not pay off.

Production as a service (PaaS), is the future of automated cannabis equipment. PaaS offers the opportunity for cannabis companies to acquire equipment to make pre-rolled joints, without the stressors of investing in their own, brand-new equipment.

PaaS offers cannabis companies many benefits:

  • No upfront costs for equipment
  • Shared resources with one contract
  • No maintenance costs and free upgrades

Cannabis companies get to reap the benefits of the PaaS system, and are only charged a per-unit cost that declines over the course of production. In other words, cannabis companies avoid the massive costs of investing in expensive equipment, and only pay a small fee for each joint they roll.

The “PRO” Pre-Roll Operator

The PRO is the first production as a service, fully automated pre-roll joint machine. The PRO, pre-roll packaging machine is quickly becoming the most trusted automated cannabis machine in the industry.

The PRO is popular amongst the cannabis’ industries leading operators for many reasons:

  • The cone magazine adapts to all zone sizes and brands
  • Weigh fill system is accurate to 0.01 grams
  • Uniform density in every joint
  • Consistent pre-roll shape
  • Durable, stainless steel components
  • Can produce up to 2,00 pre-rolled joints in 1 hour

The mechanics of the PRO are matched with programmed intelligence to increase production. The PRO utilizes sensors, cameras and automated intelligence to maximize capacity and efficiency.

With the PRO, you can track the inputs and outputs of your system, and gain valuable insights into your pre-rolled joint production.

With a production as a service contract, and the superior intelligence and quality of the Pre-Roll Operator, automating your pre-rolled joint operation has never made more sense.

Jacob Dooley

Jacob is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Accelerant. He's an avid skier but lives in Chicago, IL. When he's not conducting pre-roll market research, he enjoys exploring the Chicago food scene with his girlfriend and their dog, George.

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