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What are CBD pre-rolls?

What are CBD pre-rolls?

CBD pre-rolls, also called hemp pre-rolls or pre-rolled hemp. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about what these are, their benefits, the different types that are available, and what the market for them looks like.

Jacob Dooley
September 27, 2021

Despite the stereotypes about weed smokers taking their time, the marijuana industry moves quickly. It seems like new trends pop up all the time, and there’s one in particular currently stirring up a lot of interest in the scene: CBD pre-rolls, also called hemp pre-rolls or pre-rolled hemp. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about what these are, their benefits, the different types that are available, and what the market for them looks like.

What are CBD pre-rolls?

CBD pre-rolls are, well, exactly what they sound like. They’re basically joints that are sold pre-rolled so that the customer doesn’t have to put in the effort of rolling one themselves. While you might call them CBD joints, hemp joints, or something else, they exist in differing amounts of CBD and THC content. But like other CBD products such as oils and gummies, hemp flower joints differ from typical marijuana joints in that they aren’t usually intended to get the customer “high,” per se, but rather to proffer the benefits of CBD, such as pain relief and calming anxiety.

Why do people smoke CBD pre-rolls?

So why is it that hemp pre-rolled cones are starting to grow so much in popularity? Well, there are quite a few reasons why CBD users prefer them.

First, there’s the convenience factor. Not everybody knows how to roll their own joints and even those who do know how don’t always want to go through the process. CBD pre-rolled cones not only save the consumer the time and energy that it takes to roll joints, but they also come in specific, pre-measured doses that allow them to know exactly how much they are smoking.

Not only that, but pre-rolls are pretty much guaranteed to be rolled more tightly and cleanly than the casual (or even experienced) joint roller can achieve on their own, which has an obvious appeal.

Beyond that, CBD pre-rolls are also a great way to get the benefits of CBD as rapidly as possible. As it turns out, smoking organic hemp flower is one of CBD’s most bioavailable forms, so many users of CBD pre-rolls report it as a very fast way to relieve symptoms like pain, stress, and anxiety.

Speaking of the benefits - like all forms of CBD, CBD pre-rolls have a wide variety of uses including but not limited to:

  • Relieving pain
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Combatting seizures
  • Reducing acne
  • Aiding in substance abuse treatment

Types of CBD Pre-Rolls

There are many different types of CBD pre-rolls, including one that actually resembles THC much more than CBD. We’re talking about a compound called Delta 8. Although it isn’t THC, Delta 8 has become popular for being able to achieve similar effects, including euphoria, happiness, sedation, and relief of some symptoms. Essentially, you can think of Delta 8 as a more mild version of THC, whose full scientific name is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9).

So while you might be able to get a “CBD pre-roll” that is made with Delta 8, Delta 8 joints are actually much more similar to THC than they are CBD in both chemical structure and effect. Unlike CBD, Delta 8 THC can bind to the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is what allows it to have intoxicating effects. So consumers seeking to relieve symptoms without getting high are more likely to prefer regular CBD pre-rolls over Delta 8 infused pre-rolls.

Are Hemp Pre-Rolls Legal?

Currently, hemp pre-rolls are legal in all 50 states in the United States as they are made with hemp as opposed to marijuana, which is still illegal under federal law for any purpose as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

That being said, there is still a possibility of persecution for smoking hemp pre-rolls. After all, hemp can resemble marijuana in nearly every way including appearance and smell, especially when rolled into a joint, something that is often seen as a “marijuana cigarette.” So it should come as no surprise that some law enforcement officers may mistake a hemp pre-roll for a marijuana joint. For that reason, it’s still advised for consumers to be discrete with CBD pre-rolls even though they are legal.

Furthermore, although smokable hemp is legal nationally, there are some states who ban it, including Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, and Texas. And as quickly as it is gaining popularity, Delta 8, which can be derived from hemp as well as marijuana, has already been banned in 12 states as of April 2021.

It goes without saying that the most appropriate course of action for any CBD or cannabis entrepreneur is to refer and defer to local laws and consult with legal counsel for clarification of any possible uncertainties.

Hemp Pre-Roll Market Size

So we know hemp pre-rolls are growing in popularity, but how popular are they, exactly? Well, according to data from Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm Headset, pre-roll sales reached $941.6 million in 2020, an increase of nearly 50% from 2019. This is actually faster growth than the marijuana industry as a whole, which grew by 39.4% in the same time period.

In 2020, CBD pre-rolls had a 10% market share in the cannabis category, which is up from 9.5% in 2019. And this growth is showing no signs of slowing down: from January 2020 to January 2021, sales of pre-rolls have increased by 144%.

Most Popular CBD Pre-Roll Brands

Among the most popular brands of CBD pre-rolls are:

  • Botany Farms
  • CBD American Shaman
  • Half Day CBD
  • Timbr Organics
  • Cannaflower
  • King Buddha
  • Green Lotus
  • Root Wellness
  • Redwood Reserves
  • Erth Kingston
  • Cheef Botanicals
  • Living Earth
  • Toast Emerald
  • Mr. Hemp Flower
  • The Medicine Farm
  • Secret Nature
  • Pure Relief
  • King of Hemp

Where to Buy CBD Pre-Rolls

These brands of CBD pre-rolls and more can be found for purchase from Hemp Wholesaler, Industrial Hemp Farms, Secret Nature, TKO Reserve, Wholesale CBD Flower, and more.

Jacob Dooley

Jacob is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Accelerant. He's an avid skier but lives in Chicago, IL. When he's not conducting pre-roll market research, he enjoys exploring the Chicago food scene with his girlfriend and their dog, George.

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