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Intro to Pre-Roll Cone Material Types

Intro to Pre-Roll Cone Material Types

Rolling papers have many different effects on your smoking experience. The pre-roll material affects the taste of the herbs, the speed at which you smoke, and your rolling skills.

September 27, 2021

Rolling papers have many different effects on your smoking experience. The pre-roll material affects the taste of the herbs, the speed at which you smoke, and your rolling skills.

Some materials that make popular preroll joint papers in the market include refined white paper, unrefined brown paper, palm leaf, organic hemp wrap, and organic hemp paper.

To make their products stand out, companies or brands include some additives. You'll find many size and thickness options.

For instance, some use additives to turn ashes to a certain color. Others combine papers like hemp and rice paper. Some even add flavors and unique colors like gold.

If you're health-conscious, rice hemp and transparent cellulose are great choices.

Types of Pre-Roll Materials

Rolling papers and pre rolled cones let through different levels of air, which affects the rate at which it burns. Some brands add components to slow-burning, stabilize the paper, the smoke, and the ash itself.

The best pre-roll cone papers or pre-rolled blunts should complement the taste of the herb and have good burning speed. Each type of rolling paper has different characteristics that appeal to different kinds of smokers.

Refined White Paper

Most professional brands use these high-quality ultra-thin papers because they are smooth, burn evenly, and have a lovely display of the herb's color.

A common misconception is that the white color in the refined white paper comes from the use of bleach. Modern pulp bleaching methods don't use bleach. The chemical taste is sometimes related to calcium carbonate present in the paper.

Unrefined Brown Paper

Unrefined brown paper has a dark semi-transparent look. It's a common choice because of the natural feel, and it masks the appearance of the contents.

Respectable brands don’t use any chemical treatments or materials to improve the burning rate. This is an additional benefit, as it reduces possible harm to you and doesn’t change the after-taste of your smoke.

100% Certified Organic Hemp Paper

Organic Hemp paper comes from hemp fiber, made using sustainable methods, which helps conserve our trees. They have a light brown color with a soft creamy look.

Some are thicker, and others have a rough touch which gives you a good grip when rolling.  They usually absorb and release humidity when left in the open air and have a medium burn rate.  Organic Hemp paper burns longer than rice paper and gives your joint a delicate after-taste that doesn't ruin the smell of the burning herb.

Hemp Wrap Blunts

The method used to make hemp wrap ensures that the natural terpenes and flavonoids remain intact.  In comparison, the manufacturing process of hemp rolling paper destroys these terpenes and flavonoids.

Hemp wrap blunts have a thick, full-bodied, natural feel and come from pure hemp. It has a natural flavor and burns slower than rolling paper.

Hemp blunt wraps are heavier, so they are perfect for sharing a joint with your group of friends.

Palm-Leaf Blunts

Palm Leaf Blunts come from two different types of leaves; the Cordia leaf and Tendu leaf. They are slow-burning and 100% natural.

The smoke from a palm leaf blunt is thick, full of flavor, and forms a nice smoke cloud.

Palm leaf rolling paper is brittle but harder to tear. This means that you can pack more herb, but it breaks instead of bending if you accidentally sit on it.

Rice Paper

Rice paper comes from processed and pressed rice, all-natural ingredients. It’s smooth to touch, burns slowly, and absorbs humidity when left in the open air but is a good choice if you’re conscious about your health.

It has a clean burn and a very slight or no effect on the taste. It's more flexible, and so many joints fit well in a doob tube, but it is the weakest type of rolling paper.

Cotton Cellulose Rolling Paper

Cotton cellulose is unique and clear like plastic cling wrap but comes from cotton.  Cotton cellulose rolling paper is very strong, has little effect on the taste, and doesn’t easily tear or crumple.

Popular Rolling Paper Brands

Some of the most popular companies producing rolling paper and blunt cones include RAW, Elements, Juicy Jay, Futurola, Joker, and Zig-Zag, to name a few.

Each company has unique branding, design, or blend of paper.


Raw is the most popular brand currently and dominates the market for many reasons. They have some of the best, smoothest papers, made from all-natural hemp, and have no additives.

RAW has an impressive selection of sizes, carried in three different lines; RAW Classic, RAW Organic, and RAW Black.

Each RAW line gives you a different smoking experience.


Element has fewer options in comparison with Raw but is very popular with connoisseurs for being natural. Element produces rice paper in completely sustainable methods such as using wind for power and only uses rice and sugar.

The papers are smooth and burn faster than Raw but are so thin such that they leave no ash.

Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay makes rolling papers exclusively for legal herbal smoking blends and uses hemp, natural soy ink, and all-natural gum.

They have a wide selection of unique ingredients and Juicy flavors like pineapple or chocolate chip cookies.

All the papers have a small print of the flavor it should taste like on the outside and are available in classic thickness or extra thin.


Futurola papers come from all-natural ingredients, and the refining process doesn't use any chemicals. Its popularity rides on the smoker's preference for materials used to make the paper.


Zig-Zag is quite popular, and you'll find their line of rolling papers in most shops and gas stations.  Zig-Zag rolling papers come from natural wood pulp and flax that has a natural gum Arabic.

You'll see them featured in popular music videos and television shows and come in five different sizes and thicknesses.

Joker Rolling Papers

Joker rolling papers are popular for the French technique used to make them. They come from pre-natural ingredients such as high-quality naturally collected fibers.


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