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But does it do infused?

But does it do infused?

Why should I automate my infused pre-roll production? Supply and demand. Many shops across the country see as much as 30 to 50 percent of their revenue coming from infused pre-rolls according to industry surveys.

Grant Schuster
March 14, 2022

“But does it do infused?”

We get that question all of the time here at Accelerant Manufacturing regarding our scalable, automated pre-roll production machines.

Yes, we can. But it depends on the raw materials going into your infused pre-rolls.

We’ll explain in detail. Follow the white rabbit…

What are infused pre-rolls?

These are a staple of the booming cannabis industry.

An infused pre-roll is a pre-made joint with additional ingredients infused into it. 

Your choices of infusions are limitless (within food safety laws, of course).

We might add:

  • Cannabis extract
  • Bubble hash
  • Wax
  • Oil
  • Kief
  • Various species of flower

The customization options are endless.

What are the different types of infused pre-rolls?

When we talk about types, we talk about sizes.

Do you want a joint, or do you want something bigger?

You can find king-size doobies down to kief joints or cigarettes. It depends on what’s in demand, what’s popular, and what you can make.

Small operations can customize products based on what a customer wants and they handroll it.

Common types we see are:

Bubble hash infused, with the extract rolled around the outside of the pre-roll.

THCa infused pre-roll, which uses concentrated THCa powder, not oil, to infuse the pre-roll. THC is, of course, what makes marijuana tick. 

Just think about smoking marijuana with concentrated marijuana.

You get where we’re going with this.

But how profitable is your hand-rolling? Don’t you want to tap into the demand while the market is smokin’ hot?

How do make infused pre-rolls?

Smaller operations handroll their own infused pre-rolls using oil and leaves.

The basics are very simple:

  1. Choose your flavor combination based on your groove.
  2. Squeeze out your oil in a spiral pattern over the pre-roll you’ve already made. Keep the oil on the top half of the pre-roll for pure enjoyment.
  3. Light it up, and you’re on!

Some pro tips for hand-rolling:

  1. Warm up the oil a bit so it comes out of the container more easily.
  2. Put an even amount on the pre-roll.
  3. Don’t put any on the tip to avoid any flame-ups.

If your staff is good, you can maybe make an infused handroll in 5 minutes.

What is happening when you make infused pre-rolls?

You’re changing the ingredients, flavor, aroma, and effects of the marijuana as your customers smoke it. Infused pre-rolling is also a customization process to give your customers what they want in the concentrations they desire.

Because pre-rolls are in such high demand, you can increase your profits a ton with the right products.

With a little marketing and some market surveys, you can use this information to take your infused pre-rolls to the next level.

Can I automate my infused handroll production?

Yes, you can.

How many can the machine make?

Upwards of 3,000 per hour at maximum capacity.

What is a moisture sorption isotherm?

It’s a way to measure the shelf life of food-grade ingredients based on how the ingredients handle moisture when they come in contact with it. 

(We’ll explain the importance of this later.)

Twinkies, Oreos, chips, bread, pasta, and every kind of food measures moisture sorption isotherms to determine how long they last before they have to be thrown out.

For example, bread is really good at absorbing moisture. If you can remove many of the moisture-absorbing ingredients from it, the bread will last longer. The packaging of the bread also determines how readily it absorbs moisture from its surrounding environment.

On the other hand, canned tuna doesn’t absorb moisture at all because the can is hermetically sealed. 

The bread can last two weeks at room temperature. Canned tuna lasts three years.

Why is measuring moisture sorption isotherms important to my infused pre-rolls?

In our highly regulated cannabis industry, our protects undergo testing for many criteria, from potency to microbial and heavy metal contamination. 

Monitoring for water activity and moisture content can help steer you clear of microbial failures.

But, and this is the trick, we can also use these same data and measurements to improve and refine the process of making infused pre-rolls.

How does measuring moisture sorption isotherms impact the automation of producing infused pre-rolls?

Every unique product has its own moisture sorption isotherm. At various points along

the isotherm, your cannabis products can be more free-flowing or more likely to cake-up or dump. 

You can control caking during automation by controlling moisture content. 

There are two ways to control moisture:

  1. Heat up your ingredients to evaporate the moisture and avoid caking.
  2. Use dry ingredients to begin with.

Yes, you can use oils in the automation process. But they offer their own challenges compared to dry powders.

Why should I automate my infused pre-roll production?

Supply and demand. Many shops across the country see as much as 30 to 50 percent of their revenue coming from infused pre-rolls according to industry surveys.

When you sell more high-quality pre-rolls, customers will want more and buy more.

You can also change your price points because you’re saving on labor costs.

What about the expensive upfront costs?

There aren’t any upfront costs whatsoever with Accelerant Manufacturing’s PRO Pre-Roll Machine.

Scale-up for free until your profits pay for the machine. We get 8 cents per sale of your pre-rolls, and that number decreases with time until you pay for the machine.

Can you help me automate my infused pre-roll production or not?

Yes, but we will rely on your expertise in our partnership. 

Not all formulas will work. Powders are easier than oils because they are easier to control the end product.

When you mass-produce something, you need to put in consistent ingredients that meet standards to get out a consistent product with every run. Once your trial runs are over and you see a successful result, you can repeat it again and again to scale up your automation.

You may need to change your formula to be less clumpy. You may need to process it at colder or warmer temperatures. You may need to standardize the oil going into the process. 

How can Accelerant Manufacturing help me with producing infused pre-rolls?

We provide a reliable, flexible, and repeatable process, but infused cannabis is a partnership where your inputs have to be consistent.

How do I get started on my ingredient research?

There are a number of great resources out there. METER Group has done a ton of work in this area. Reach out to your analytical lab as they likely have instrumentation. Go with IRD (infrared drying) as it is more specific in regard to moisture content. 

However, make sure you establish a standard first. With how variable Cannabis can be, it is crucial to reduce as much variation as possible to expect consistent results.

How is Accelerant Manufacturing different?

We are a Production-as-a-Service (PaaS) equipment manufacturer for the Cannabis & Hemp Industry. 

Our core product is the PRO pre-roll machine.  

Our team provides the machine, maintenance, and scale for no upfront costs and charge on a per-unit produced basis that declines based on production.

We are a plug, play, and prosper solution that relies on our partners for success.

Grant Schuster

Cannabis Business Expert. Designed $40MM in cultivation/manufacturing space. Unique extraction (96% purity from ScCO2.). Lean Manufacturing and product development. Developed and commercialized multiple dosage forms.

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