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A Guide to Pre-Roll Tubes

A Guide to Pre-Roll Tubes

A pre-roll tube is a cylinder-shaped container to keep dry herbs or pre-rolls fresh and secure. They are also known as joint tubes or pop-top tubes, made using polypropylene or glass, although there are new, more eco-friendly options.

Jacob Dooley
September 27, 2021

A pre-roll tube is a cylinder-shaped container to keep dry herbs or pre-rolls fresh and secure. They are also known as joint tubes or pop-top tubes, made using polypropylene or glass, although there are new, more eco-friendly options.

Why Are Pre-Roll Tubes Important?

Handling loose, dry herbs and easy-to-break joints poses a challenge and needs to have pre roll packaging.

Preserves the Freshness

A pre-roll tube is the best choice if you like rolling several joints or herbal cigarettes at once. It keeps them fresh and prevents them from getting too dry and burning too quickly.

Suppresses the Smell

Some dry herbs give off more smell than others, especially when you smoke half a joint at a time. To avoid this lingering smell, close the cap of the tube to drown the scent or make it undetectable.


Kids tend to be curious, so it’s important to keep your merchandise out of reach. A joint tube makes it harder for kids to access the herbs, should they come across it.

Guarantees Discretion

Carrying an open-rolled joint or a half-smoked joint gives off a smell that attracts unnecessary attention. A Pre-roll tube enables you to take herbs anywhere you go, unnoticed.

Should Pre-Roll Tubes Be Child-Resistant?

Some state regulations require that weed packaging be child resistant. The child-resistant properties of pre-roll tubes depend on the tube and the lid mechanism.

According to ASTM D-3475 standards, safety tests involve 100 children under the age of 5, with and without a demonstration. To pass, 85% of the children should not be able to open it without a demonstration, and 80% should not be able to open it with a demonstration.

The best cannabis pre-roll packaging has enough resistance to be child-proof, but soft enough to allow adults easy access.

Types of Pre-Roll Tubes

Pre-roll tubes vary in length; 90 mm, 98 mm, and 116 mm. The standard diameter for a single-joint pre-roll tube is 16mm, to allow the herbs to fit in the tube without feeling bulky in your pocket.

Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tubes

Polypropylene pre-roll tubes are most popular because they are very economical. The opening mechanism is almost similar, where you squeeze the sides of the tube near the top, and the lid opens with a popping sound.

Pop-top pre-rolls tubes are child-resistant, but it's essential to check the tube for certification (ASTM D-3475 standards). The strength required to pop open the tube presents the child-proof aspect.

The tubes have a plug seal that prevents the majority of the smell and air from seeping out. Polypropylene is a good moisture barrier. Add a moisture pack inside the tube to enhance the freshness.

Super Seal & Gasket Seal Pre-Roll Tubes

The material used to make Super Seal pre-roll tubes is thick, heavy plastic. They have a push and turn style lid that requires you to push down on the lid while turning it and are airtight.

Standard tubes are easy to use for adults and child-resistant due to the strength you need to push and turn the cap.

The Super Seal tube has a tamper evident band that activates when the screw cap seals. It has a soft plastic insert on the inside of the lid, which creates an airtight and water-tight seal when the lid screws down.

To open the gasket pre-roll tubes, you’ll need to push the lid in and up. The child-resistant mechanism used is new, so you’ll find more instructions on how to open the package.

The gasket pre-roll tube has a plastic ring that provides a strong airtight seal and closes any gaps.

Glass Pre-Roll Tubes

Glass pre-roll tubes are often used for packaging infused pre-rolls or for that luxurious feel.

Some are child-resistant. Others are not, depending on the cap or top. Child resistant pre-roll tubes have a push and turn screw-top, while non-resistant ones have a cork top.

Screw Top Glass Pre-Roll Tubes

These have easy-to-use push and turn child-resistant lids. The lids have two variations; one has ridges and instructions on top, while the other is smooth.

The smooth one is simple and easy on the eyes, though others prefer having clear instructions on top of the lid. If you have trouble opening child-resistant containers, the ridges provide extra grip.

The Cork Top Glass Pre-Roll Tubes

They have a cork stopper that provides an airtight sealing mechanism.

Since they are not child-resistant, they are only allowed in some states. To comply with the child-resistance requirements, some brands insert the tubes into child-resistant bags or boxes.  Both are air and water-tight, but the cork has the tightest seal.

Ocean Plastic Tubes

The ocean plastic tubes are eco-friendly, made using recycled plastic collected from the ocean.

They are child-resistant and have an open mechanism that requires you to line up the lip of the lid to the dots on the container before you’re able to push it off.

How Do You Make Tamper Evident Pre-Roll Tubes?

A tamper evident mechanism reveals any kind of interference with the contents. In many states, regulations require cannabis products to be tamper-evident.

Pre-roll tubes are not tamper-evident on their own, forcing manufacturers to add said mechanisms. There are two main ways to achieve this; using tamper-evident shrink bands and using a paper sticker.

A tamper-evident shrink band is a small, clear plastic band that only goes around the lid or cap.  Its job is for labeling pre-roll tubes. It's shrunk, so the only way to open the container is by ripping it off.

A paper sticker goes over the cap and has to come off to open the lid. Any attempts to remove and reapply the sticker are vividly evident.

Some brands use plastic stickers instead of paper, which are not as effective. They’re easily removed and reapplied after accessing the container.

If you’re looking to go Pro, the performance Accelerant PRO (Pre-roll Operator) is the automated pre roll packaging machine you need.

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Jacob Dooley

Jacob is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Accelerant. He's an avid skier but lives in Chicago, IL. When he's not conducting pre-roll market research, he enjoys exploring the Chicago food scene with his girlfriend and their dog, George.

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